Romanian subject pronouns

Romanian has a number of polite, formal pronouns in addition to the usual ones listed below, some of which tend to be used more frequently in the east and in Moldova. The most important one meaning “you” is dumneavoastră, which is used instead of tu (singular) and voi (plural) when the circumstances require it. Dumneavoastră always takes the second person plural verb form, though, even when it replaces tu used to address one person. The other polite pronouns will be covered in another post later.

Here are the subject pronouns:


  • eu (I)
  • tu (you, informal)
  • el (he), ea (she)


  • noi (we)
  • voi (you, informal)
  • dumneavoastră (you, formal, singular or plural – takes 2nd person plural verb)
  • ei (they, masculine), ele (they, feminine)


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