About Bernardo

Who is this Bernardo chappie?

Jericoacoara edited (384 of 411)

Bernardo at “Paradise Lagoon” in Jericoacoara, Brazil, 2016. 

Bernard, sometimes known as Bernardo or Bernardinho to his friends, or Bernardescu in Romania, is a journalist and travel writer based in Sydney, where the Aussies tend to call him Bernie.

Although English is Bernardo’s specialty, he was taught French and Latin at school (most of it forgotten, particularly the Latin) and studied French at University. Later in life, after being inspired by his first visit to Brazil, he tackled Portuguese. Unfortunately the Portuguese seemed to take up the space in his brain where the French once was. This blog is designed to refresh his knowledge of  these languages, and put some new knowledge into his brain (bits of Romanian, Spanish and Italian). Soon he will be a genius!

He is the co-founder, along with three other journalists, of the travel website Time to Wander. Below is a recent photo of him at the summit of the Bucegi mountains in Romania (yes, his legs took him all the way to the top! – with the help of a cable car).


Bernardo trying to look cool and calm on the edge of a massive drop.

Bernardo has a CELTA diploma (that’s for teaching English as a second language to adults). He has taught in Africa, Australia and (briefly, alas) Brazil.

He hopes you enjoy his blog. Cheers!


21 thoughts on “About Bernardo

  1. My daughters freind is going to live in Rome this summer – I have told her she should follow your blog as you explain more than just the language & will give her some insight into Itallian…..

    • Hi, how was your trip to S.A.? It took me a while to twig that you had actually gone back. As for Italian, gosh the pressure is on now… Maybe I should go to Rome…. Take care

  2. Wonderful to go back for a quick visit – great to see some of my old friends again. Ha a trip to Rome right now would be amazing huh! Don’t we both wish …..

    • Hello, thank you too for popping in to visit. I hope all goes well for you in Brazil, I would like to live there one day too. And yes, the lorikeet steals all the limelight, but they are cheeky birds, what can I do. At least this week I learnt the Portuguese word for feather. Ate logo e boa sorte….

    • Hi, thanks so much for this. It has been in my in tray for a while and I haven’t had a chance to get round to doing what needs to be done …. it may take me a while I have just started a new job and am staying at a temporary abode where I have limited internet access, so it may take me a while yet. But I will get back to you on that. Cheers and thanks once again

    • Oh hello, welcome and thanks for that. It is an honour to be in the presence of the Lady of the Cakes. I have a sweet tooth. Your blog looks very interesting. I like the connection between Portuguese and going grey – it’s done that for me too! Cheers

  3. Hello BOS, great blog and perfectly time for those of us wanting to learn a few words in time for the World Cup! Personally, Portuguese seems to be a bit of a recurring theme lately. How do you say “my last three bosses have spoken Portuguese?” 🙂

    • Hi, how are you doing? Thanks for the comments. Well, considering the past history of your bosses, you should be the one writing the Portuguese blog! Recently I have been concentrating on Romanian but will focus on Portuguese when I get back home in a week or so. My Portuguese is a little rusty now! Cheers

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