French triumph at Golden Globes

As well as La La Land (which is an excellent film in many ways), the Golden Globes were a notable success for the French film industry. Isabelle Huppert beat the other (English-speaking) nominees to win the award for best actress in a drama for her role in Elle, which was lauded as best foreign film.

Elle was released in Australia in late October, but it is still showing on some screens in Sydney at least, and no doubt it get more screenings in various parts of the world as a result of its success today. It’s a gritty nail-biter of a movie.

Her win was a surprise, and her heart was pumping as much at the Globes awards ceremony as it might have been when she was first confronted by her attacker in Elle.

Another French film, Divines, was among the five nominations for best foreign film, but it focuses on the dubious deeds of a much younger generation.

For those interested in Romance languages, a Spanish film Neruda, was also nominated, as were films from Iran and Germany. Having recently been in Chile, and being a big fan of Gael García Bernal, I am looking forward to seeing Nerudawhich will get a commercial screening in Australia later this year.

Finally, it wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe, but if you get the chance to see the French film Rosalie Blum (which opened in Australia on Boxing Day) I do recommend it. It’s got everything I love about the French film industry – it turns real people leading ordinary human lives into the extraordinary, with great wit and warmth, sadness and poignancy.






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