Three of the best from quirky Argentinian band Tan Biónico

If you like synth and guitar-driven pop-rock along the lines of US band The Killers, with the occasional bit of camp disco thrown in (à la the English hits of Romanian band Akcent) then Argentina’s Tan Biónica might be worth investigating (tan means “so”). Very popular on their home territory, they make colourful theatrical videos, and their latest single, Hola Mi Vida, (Hello My Life) is doing well.

That song is taken from their new album Hola Mundo (Hello World). Their last release, Destinología, from 2013, spawned two No. 1 singles – Ciudad Mágica and La Melodía de Dios – but I prefer these tracks from 2011 and 2013 instead.

If you want to know more about Tan Biónica, their Spanish entry on Wikipedia is here – the English entry (the link in the first paragraph of this post) is very basic.


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