Suffer the children: Voltaj’s anthem for the orphans of the economy

I’ve just had a squizz at the Romanian Airplay Top 100 for songs to add to my playlists, favourites, memory bank, bloodstream, consciousness etc, but the chart is stuck in a post-Christmas slumber! (As I write it’s the top 100 for December 28, but maybe it will have updated by the time you click on the link.) Nevertheless, there is some great new stuff in there – I really do think the Romanian music industry is very on the ball.

Rising quickly up the chart to No. 14 is De La Capăt from Voltaj (Voltage in English), a band I’ve written about a number of times (click on Voltaj in the list of my tags to the right of the post). The song is really beautiful and what’s more it is linked to a good cause – a charitable project the band has set up is to raise awareness of the loneliness and plight of children who have had to stay behind in Romania while their parents seek employment in Western Europe. An English version of the song will be out soon, and I will look at the two versions in more depth when it does. In the meantime, just enjoy the music and the fabulous wintery scenery of the Danube gorges. De la capăt means from the beginning, although the capăt itself means an end or conclusion, but there are lots of expressions involving the word.

One spot behind at No.15 is another great band, 3 Sud Est. Like Voltaj they started out mainly as a dance/disco music act, but have branched out and blossomed with maturity. Here they are singing about freedom and liberty. The verses sound a bit “spaghetti western” to me, but the chorus has really grown on me in the past few weeks.

Now, onto a song which also has a childhood theme and which I find really interesting in parts. Îți Va Fi Dor (You Will Miss It – it’s a song about nostalgia for one’s childhood) has risen rapidly into the top 50 and I’m guessing it will go a lot higher. It’s by Doddy feat Adeline, who has a powerful voice. It reminds me a lot of Mellina and Vescan’s Poza de Album, which did very well last year as is still in the top 40.

Next, here is Dorian’s tribute to the Mare Albastre or Blue Sea. I find this has really intriguing sampling in it (I will explain where it comes from in another post), but much of the rapping part is so-so. The beard and waxed moustache are impressive though!

Finally, I am glad to see that Delia Matache is still hogging the No. 1 spot with Pe Aripi De Vant (Gone With The Wind). Since I have featured the official video and a ‘live in a radio station studio’ video clip on a previous post How good is singing judge Delia? You be the judge, I will go with a live version recorded at a concert in the main square in Sibiu, one of the most festive of Romanian cities. Delia is as theatrical as ever and her vocals are superb, but I wish the guitar riffs had been given more prominence in this mix. This makes me want to revisit Sibiu!


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