Two Sorayas and a Tormenta in a mix of Spanish music old and new

It’s holiday time! And with it comes the chance to update my music playlists. Having recently covered what’s hot on the Portuguese and Brazilian music scene, this time I’ll look at the Spanish-singing world. The official Spanish sales chart, which has a real eyesore of a website, shows how – Enrique Iglesias apart – the Spanish chart is dominated by songs in English, while this Spanish Top 20 airplay chart rather bizarrely had more Portuguese offerings on it (two songs each by D.A.M.A and Anselmo Ralph, one by Badoxa) than Spanish ones, but this Top 50 chart had a wider representation of Spanish artists and some good stuff too.

This one is a new entry on it. I think it will do well, it grows on you. It’s got a Cocteau Twins-type guitar feel in the chorus. And two sultry singers and a lot of wet shirts in the video. It’s former Eurovision contestant Sonraya feat Vega and El Huracán (The Hurricane).

And here you can see what goes into the making of a music video nowadays…

Incidentally, there was a very successful Colombian singer also named Soraya, who unfortunately died of breast cancer in 2006 at the age of 37. Here is a lovely song by her, De Repente (Suddenly).

Back to the present, another new entry on that Top 50 chart is Todo Lo Que Tengo (All That I Have) by a youthful (mid-20s)  Xuso Jones, who apparently came to attention as an internet sensation. Judging by this, he is one to follow as he gains more mainstream recognition.

Now, onto a couple of classic hits that I tagged with my Shazam app recently while listening to a Spanish golden oldies radio station…

This one goes back to the 1970s, and the singer Nino Bravo has an impressive voice – he sounds like a Spanish Tom Jones or Tony Christie. Unfortunately he also died too young – in a car crash aged just 28. Un beso y una flor (A Kiss and A Flower), was very popular in the Latin world at the time and was released just before he died.

Now onto a prolific Argentinian singer, Tormenta (real name Liliana Esther Maturano) who is 62 now. This is very early 70s too… it’s Adiós Chico de Mi Barrio (Goodbye, Guy From My Neighbourhood) … gosh, this reminds me of so many cheesy pop songs in my teens!



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