Hot songs in Brazil and Portugual

It’s been a while since I looked at the Portuguese-Brazilian music scene, so here goes.

The Brazilian music charts tend to be dominated by música sertaneja (click to read the Wikipedia explanation). The acts are often male duos, sometimes brothers. One such brother combination is Henrique e Juliano, who are doing well in Brazil with the song Cuida Bem Dela (Take Good Care of Her), filmed live in what looks like an impressive modern church in the capital, Brasilia. I’m not a great fan of the Sertanejo music scene, but this crosses over into mainstream and I quite like it.

The gist of the song is this….

Esse é meu único aviso – This is my one piece of advice
Se ela quis ficar contigo – If she wants to be with you
Faça ela feliz, faça ela feliz – Make her happy, make her happy
Cuida bem dela – Take good care of her
Você não vai conhecer alguém melhor que ela – You won’t find anyone better than her

Surprise, gasp, surprise! There is a rare rock hit on the Brazilian charts too, courtesy of the outfit known as Malta, winners of the Superstar talent show contest earlier this year. I’ve been scouting for a while now for a decent new-generation Brazil rock band to follow, they could be in contention! The song is Diz Pra Mim, (Tell Me) and it’s taken from the album Supernova, which I think might be my Christmas present to myself.

One of the judges on Superstar was the ever popular Ivete Sangalo. She is getting a lot of airplay with this, Beijos de Hortelã (Mint Kisses).

Over in Portugal, they are hailing a new force on the scene, D.A.M.A. There is an interview with them in Portuguese here, but if you right click on it and use the “translate into English” option you will understand it well enough. They seem quite witty, the interview is full of risos (laughs). Perhaps their spectacular rise has been helped by recently being the support act for One Direction in Portugal, but don’t call them a boy band, they insist they are not, as they write their own material, etc. (in the interview they say in 10 years’ time One Direction will be the support act for them – risos). Anyway this is very catchy and it’s top of the airplay chart in Portugal. Às Vezes means Sometimes.

Finally, here is the Danish-born Mikkel Solnado, the son of a Portuguese actor Raul Solnado, teaming up with Joan Alegre for E Agora? (And Now?). Mikkel’s background and unexpected rise to fame (he composed jingles for adverts initially, and much of his material is in English) make interesting reading. There is some information on him in English here, and a lot more, including a video interview, in Portuguese here. The song is pretty smooth, and from what I have heard, his debut album It’s Only Love, Give It Away is worth investigating.


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