How good is singing judge Delia? You be the judge

Delia – real name Delia Matache – has been holding on to the top spot on the Romanian top 100 airplay music chart for a number of weeks now with Pe Aripi De Vant (Gone With The Wind). She has been a voice coach and a judge on the Romanian X Factor TV show, so is an influential figure on the local music scene, in the same way that Claudia Leitte is in Brazil. I have been following Delia’s progress ever since I discovered her song Doar Pentru Tine earlier this year (see Music for a Romantic Weekend, Part 1). That song didn’t make much of an impression on the charts, but Pe Aripi De Vant certainly has, and the video is stylish. Check it out.

If you are going to be a judge on a TV talent show, you have to practise what you preach. Some singers sound great in the studio, where sound engineers can mask their flaws, but then you seem then perform in a stripped down semi-acoustic set and you think, how embarrassing, they can’t sing for quids! They’re flat, they can’t hit the note! So I was curious to see how good Delia was in these circumstances. Listen to this performance of the song on Radio Zu, what rating would you give her?

Quite a voice, eh? Not sure about the headwear, though. It looks like a cross between a chef’s hat and a ramekin with a sagging souffle inside!

Here’s a version with the lyrics.


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