Wild sex boosts bashful blogger


For a linguistic explanation, click on the link to in article to "Get a grip on masculine and feminine forms in Portuguese".

For a linguistic explanation of the above, click on the link in the main body of this post to “Get a grip on masculine and feminine forms in Portuguese”.

I try to make this a fun blog, and a few days ago I got confirmation I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams: someone somewhere did an internet search for “wildsexparties” and got sent here. Leave your clothes at the door, everybody! (Relax, I’ve no idea who it was, or even which country they’re in. And most people I know would make wildsexparties three words, not one.)

The reason I mention this is it’s the second anniversary of my blog, and as I analyse my statistics to see how far I have progressed in the 12 months since A year of slogging. Oops, I mean blogging,  I should remember that the readership figures are inflated by accidental visitors. Nevertheless, wildsexparty person, thanks for coming!


In its first year, My Five Romances, notched up 8800-plus views; in the second year it got 15,000 (lucky I held all those wild sex parties!), taking the total to 23,800.


Much of that increase was due to two events: the Eurovision Song contest and football World Cup in Brazil. Take a look at the bar chart below (it’s my monthly readership figures, and the lines go up in 500s, so the top line is 2000). From November 2013 to April 2014, the figures are steady, but in May when Eurovision took place they shot up one notch, and then in June when the World Cup began they went up a notch again. They have since fallen back but to a consistently higher level than the first part of the year. It’s like every month is a Eurovision month now. I can’t wait for the contest to resume next year!


The message for bloggers here is to be aware of what is topical and trending, tailor your work to it and you will pick up some momentum. My post Meet Claudia Leitte, the queen of Brazil’s axé music (she performed at the World Cup opening ceremony) got picked up nicely on Twitter. And my post on the Croatian footballers who were photographed swimming in the nude did well too, attracting the wildsexparty crowd.


But it’s not all about sex. My most popular post – Get a grip on masculine and feminine forms in Portuguese – is purely grammatical, even though I sneaked in some cartoons of people copulating to illustrate it. (And I’ve sneaked them in again at the top of this post.) Portuguese rules, OK!



In the past year some bits of my readership map have been coloured in, but still there’s that annoying gap in South America – not one person from Paraguay has visited yet. And come on, Greenland, wake up!



This time last year the United States topped my viewing list with 1,807 views, but only 13 countries had made more than 100-plus views. This time around the US is still well ahead, but now 33 countries have recorded 100-plus. And I just need one more person from Switzerland please to get that country into triple figures. Come on, Switzerland, I really liked your songs at Eurovision, even though nobody else did!

My top 20 countries are shown right.


Many thanks to those who popped by in the past year, and thanks also to those who write the blogs I read for their efforts – they are much appreciated. Cheers


9 thoughts on “Wild sex boosts bashful blogger

  1. Happi anni xx
    Love this blog & even remember words sometimes …. fear i will never be much of a linguist – not even a cunning one – even with reading your wonderful pieces!
    Congratulations on an almost double readership in just a year.

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