More about that ‘oral sex/ tomorrow’ business

One of the most popular posts written on this blog is Useful expressions in Romanian, like oral sex tomorrow, perhaps. I am surprised – I didn’t think there were that many enthusiastic students of Romanian out there. Or maybe it’s the oral sex that attracts them, although I’m sure most would prefer it today rather than tomorrow.

As noted in that post, mâine means tomorrow in Romanian, but the combination of vowels makes it very difficult to pronounce (there is no exact equivalent in English), and Romanians often laugh when they hear a foreigner say it, because they often mispronounce it as muie, which means oral sex, to put it politely.

For those who would like to practise correct prim and proper Romanian, here’s a native speaker using the word in a positive song about things being better tomorrow entitled Mâine. It’s by Mellina (an excellent singer whose latest hit Poza de Album is still in the top five in Romania, along with Indila’s S.O.S – you can hear both here). The actual song starts about half a minute in. Mâine is the first word of the chorus. Try to say it – let me assure you, even if you think you are doing it correctly, there’s a good chance Romanians will snigger at your attempts.

Now all I have to do is find a song about muie so that you can compare the two. If anyone knows of one, please share the link 🙂

Incidentally, the video clip starts off at the railway station in Sinaia, a pleasant resort up in the Carpathian mountains, where the beautiful Peleş Castle is to be found, as well as the Sinaia Monastery and many grand historic buildings. Here is a gallery of photos I took there last year.

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