Would you marry an Italian?

pizza-296036_1280The Italian film festival is about to hit Australia. We’ll have more details during the week, but there is bound to be comedy and romance. Italians are meant to be great lovers, aren’t they? Aren’t they? But would you marry an Italian? Think carefully about your choices, haha. To get us in the mood in the build-up to the festival, here’s Romanian chanteuse Elena Gheorghe singing in English about a certain little gigolo who’s driving her crazy. “Oh mamma mia, he’s Italiano, he’s gonna tell me a million lies…”

Elena and Glance (the rapper) have teamed up before and had a huge hit in Romania last year with (Doar Un) Ecou. (Just An) Echo.

Glance also charted this year with Cinema. Give both songs a spin a couple of times and they will grow on you, even if the language seems alien. I really like the drums, keyboards and “whoa whoa oa oa oa whoa” chorus that comes in at the 2:32 mark… (gosh, it seems like I like the bits that don’t involve the main artist himself).

To finish as we started, with an Italian flavour, here’s my favourite Italian song of the moment by Francesco Renga, Il mio giorno più bello nel mondo (My most beautiful day in the world). I’ve chosen a clip with the words so you can karaoke this and with practice natter knowledgeably like an Italian while at the film festival.

To hear more music in these languages, click on the “Italian music, Romanian music” and other “music” tags in the tags panel on my home page.


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