Here’s your romance language weekend soundtrack

Along with Stromae, Indila has carrying the flag for the French language on the world music charts. Her debut album, Mini World, has done very well in places such as Poland, as well as closer to home in France, Belgium and Switzerland. The first single from that album, Dernière Danse (Last Dance), which My Five Romances featured on the post French chansons from the fairer sex, also did well further east, reaching No.1 on the charts in Greece, Turkey, Israel, for example.

Here’s another single from that album, S.O.S., which has also been getting a lot of airplay, deservedly so.

Also luscious in feel is this effort from Mellina featuring Vescan – the latter providing what is almost obligatory in modern music nowadays; a rap interlude, but his bit is overlaid in parts with keyboard flourishes that flutter around lightly like butterflies on a summer’s day.

Incidentally, poză in Romanian means a picture or a pose, not to be confused with pauză, which means pause.

Sticking with Romanian, here’s Tu (Inima si Sufletul), a single from Ruby, whom I’ve featured before along with Yogi and Shift on the post Get this îngheţată thing licked. This reminds me in parts of Kirsty MacColl.

Tu, of course, means you in the singular, inimă means heart and suflet means soul (-ul is suffix for the definite article the, hence sufletul = the soul).

Now for some Portuguese. David Carreira is the son of one of Portugal’s most popular singers Tony Carreira. In this song he tells his lover that even in 20 years’ time, if they are separated and in the arms of another, there will (haverá) always (sempre) be a song (uma musica) to remind him of her. And isn’t that what songs, do – remind us of phases of our lives?

David was born in France, and if you have been following this blog you would know that Tony is comfortable speaking and singing in both French and Portuguese. It seems David is too. Here is one of his French hits.

To finish on a happy, upbeat note, with a bit of Spanish, here are two Puerto Rican singers who go by the name of Wisin & Yandel.


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