Time to chill…

Been there (to the left), done that. It's Friday night, time to turn right! (Pic from Pixabay)

Been there (to the left), done that. It’s Friday night, time to turn right! Which way would you go? (Pic from Pixabay)

Whew! Thank heavens Friday has come around. It’s been a really long working week but now at last Bernardo can relax and unwind and has declared tomorrow an official NMBACRATCODAIYWEDD (no more bloody alarm clocks ringing at the crack of dawn and interrupting your wildest erotic dreams day). Even better, he has dined well. He found a Thai green curry chicken and rice dish bought as a 2 for the price of 1 takeaway special deal, who knows, three or four days ago, and it was still fresh! (It was refrigerated, you know).

Bernardo's Friday night diet, haha. Pic from Pixabay

Bernardo’s Friday night diet, haha. (Pic from Pixabay).

After a hot curry you need a chilled dessert to counter the chillies. Bernardo rummaged in the cupboard and sniffed around in his fridge but what he discovered was uninspiring – some stale biscuits and a few yoghurts, some wedges of cheese, half an onion. But then Bernardo had a brainwave. What would his culinary inspirations, The Lady of the Cakes, and Ra – Cooking and Stuff, do in such a situation? His eyes fell on a bottle of fortified raspberry liquer lurking in the corner. Of course! Soak – nay, drench – the stale biscuits in the liquer, dollop some yoghurt on top, er, no, don’t add onion, and all of a sudden it’s a delicious trifle. Thanks, muses!

Sipping raspberry liquer and digging his spoon into his trifle, Bernardo hunted around for some mellow music to play in the background while he revised his Romanian verbs. Romanian verbs on a Friday night! Get a life, Bernardo! Actually, Bernardo will be returning to Central Europe in less than two weeks’ time, and although Romania isn’t on his itinerary this time, the holiday excitement is starting to mount, and the memories of his visit to the region just over a year ago are flooding back.

Budapest is definitely on the itinerary!

Better brush up on my Hungarian then…

And if you haven’t seen this film, you should.

More mellow music musings to come, stay tuned…



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