Portuguese star Tony Carreira reveals his French inclinations

My last post on the LisbonLux guide was aimed at helping English-speaking people to learn Portuguese, or vice versa; this one is aimed at those who are interested in the Portuguese-French combination.

Tony Carreira, one of the most popular singers in Portugal, has teamed up with a host of great French singers to record songs in both languages.The album, called Nos Fiancailles France/Portugal, (Our Engagement France/Portugal) was released early this year and did surprisingly well in France, peaking at No.4 on the charts. The first single from the album was Sous Le Vent (Onde Eu For), by Tony and Natasha St-Pier. You will see a lot of the Lisbon trams on this one.

The collaborations feature some great singers with remarkable voices, such as Michel Sardou (who has had no less than twelve No.1 albums in France), tenor Vincent Niclo, Hélène Ségara, Dany Brillant, Indonesian-born singer Anggun, Serge Lama, Gérard Lenorman, Didier Barbelivien and Lisa Angell.

Be warned, though, this album may mess with your brain. Usually when I want to speak in Portuguese I blabber away in French, and when I want to talk in French the Portuguese words just slip off the tongue. So this album may ruin your command of both languages, but could very well improve your Fretuguese and Portench. 😉

On the following video clip, you can hear snippets of other songs on the album, and hear Tony, speaking in French, relate how he spent a lot of his musical youth in France, so he has a great affinity for the country, its language and of course its musicians and singers. Even if you don’t speak French, this video is interesting, if only to see how artists from different backgrounds and cultures gel together (watching some of them tackle singing in Portuguese for the first time is amusing).

You can listen to snippets of each of the 13 tracks in the FNAC Jukebox section of its FNAC page listing here.

Here is an article in French on Tony Carreira, and here is some info in Portuguese.

In forthcoming posts we will have a closer look at the French singers involved.


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