Cheers to Bere Gratis – music to slurp a free beer to

pitcher-150069_1280Bere Gratis, or Free Beer, is a great name for a band because every time you put a poster up advertising your gigs – Free Beer at the Hordern Pavilion, Saturday at 9pm! – you’ll attract a lot of cheap rent-a-crowd potential drunks who otherwise might not be bothered. But it’s slightly old-fashioned because, really, who drinks beer nowadays? If you want to attract the young hip crowd you should probably call yourself Free Crack or Free Wacky Dust.

Bere Gratis came to my attention in the lead-up to the Eurovision contest this year. In the 12-song Romanian play-off final, their entry Despre Mine Si Ea (About Me and Her) was the best placed of those that were actually in Romanian. Unfortunately though, six songs in English got more votes, so the world never got to hear any Romanian at the Eurovision final. In truth, they are, dare I say it, too old and too ordinary looking really to fit in at Eurovision – but hey, Engelbert Humperdinck did represent England in 2012, so they shouldn’t give up hope yet. Maybe they’ll represent Romania in 2042..

They do make good music, though, if you like the pop-rock genre. Despre Mine Si Ea is one of many great tracks in the Romance languages that I have discovered since starting this blog. Here I have opted for a clip that gives the words, if you want to see what the band looks like click on the link in the previous paragraph.

Next up is one of their most popular tracks Stai pe acelaşi drum (Stay on the same road). Apparently this was awarded the best pop-rock song of 2010 in Romania. It’s imploring a lover not to leave. The chorus …

  • Stai pe acelaşi drum, iubeşte-mă
    Voi fi un om mai bun, priveşte-mă
    Stai pe acelaşi drum şi crede ce-ţi spun acum.

can be translated as…

  • Stay on the same road, love me
  • I’ll be a better man, look at me
  • Stay on the same road and believe what I tell you now

The lyrics are visible in small type on this video … though I only noticed them about the fifth time I watched this.

Pas in doi (Step Two) was also very popular. It reminds me a bit of Australian band Noiseworks and others of a similar genre, as does the one that follows it, In Brate (In Arms)

tea-157407_1280Anyway, that’s enough from me for now. I’m going to see this well-established band down at The Hordern Pavilion tonight, The Free Herbal Teas. They’re a real favourite with the 50+plus market. When you are no longer part of the hip scene you’ve gotta settle for rosehips instead. Cheers everyone!


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