Is B4 what you’re after?

Heard the one about the two top Angolan singers who went to Miami to film a clip of themselves singing in Portuguese and got Portuguese actress and model Rita Pereira to prance about looking pretty? No? Well here it is.

The song, É Melhor Não Duvidar (Literally It’s better not to doubt  but it’s probably better translated as You’d better not doubt) by B4 Los Compadres, is currently charting in Portugal. B4 are made up of Big Nelo and C4 Pedro, whom I have written about before in Sweet sounds from Angola, Portugal and all over the place.

The lyrics to the song can be found here. I will just translate the chorus.

É melhor não duvidar – You’d better not doubt
Vou-te fazer mudar – I am going to make you change
Uma chance me dá – Give me a chance
Comigo tu vais ficar – You will stay with me

I find it odd that Lusophone singers from Africa seem to get more recognition in Portugal than Brazil.



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