A musical journey to Barioloche with Miranda!

I’ve been scouting the South American music charts, looking for talent. At No.12 – and rising – in the Argentinian singles is Fantasmas by a popular local band, Miranda! It was filmed in the very scenic Argentinian alpine resort of Barioloche (full name San Carlos de Barioloche). It’s catchy in a Mika-ish kind of way, and I think it’s taking the piss out of something but I don’t know what – there are ghosts (fantasmas) in the house but what can they be? And did the lead singer really think he was fashionable wearing a jersey that blended in so perfectly with the monstrosity of an alpine mansion behind him, or is that part of the horror too? You decide.

The song is taken from their new album Safari, and the lyrics, should you want them, can be found here.

Miranda! are probably best known for the song Perfecta, which was a hit in parts of Latin America in 2007. It’s had more than 17 million views on YouTube.

We’ll finish off with one of the singles from their Magistral album released in 2011. I think this is better than the above two songs.


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