Narcotic Sound astound: sexy Brazilian female singer turns out to be Romanian man!

karaoke-160752_640Narcotic Sound & Christian D are a Romanian music outfit that for some reason sing a lot in Portuguese. They do it pretty well too – when I first heard this I thought this was a sultry, sexy Brazilian woman singing but it turns out to be Christian D (the D is short for Dumitrescu). *

They are basically a duo – Narcotic Sound is Marius Mirică, the composer/arranger/producer. They are better known for club/dance music but this is very “laidback and chill” with some smooth saxaphone. The title, Unidos Pela Musica, means “United by music“.

The musical journey might be a bit Brazilian with the references to samba etc but the videoclip voyage is very Romanian – the obligatory “babes” in the video meet up at Bucharest’s main railway station, Gara de Nord, and catch a train down to the seaside at Constanța, as many Romanians and East Europeans do at this time of the year.

Lyrics taken from with my quick translation into English

Unidos pela música – United by music
Na vida nos encontrera – Life will bring us together
Meu sentimento com você – My feeling with yours
Tudo vida é  – All life is
O sonido da música – The sound of music
No belos sonhos que me da – In the beautiful dreams it gives me
No mundo se encontrara – In the world you’ll find
Ritmo pra dançar – Rhythm to dance

Unidos pela música – United by music
Vem vem dançar, vem vem dançar – Come, come to dance
Unidos pela músïca – United by music
Dança samba, dança samba – Dance the samba

Here’s another song of theirs – Mamasita, probably their biggest hit – with more Portuguese lyrics in it. My visits to the hairdresser are never like this!

And here’s something in Romanian, Labirint de sentimente, just to prove they can speak it … The lyrics are here.

* If you think Bernardo must be stupid because he can’t tell a man’s voice from a woman’s, please remember that he suffers from tinnitus and that basically all singers sound like a chorus of cicadas.


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