Music for a Romantic weekend, Part 1

tower-36275_640See what’s trending on Bernardo’sMusicMonitor™ at the moment … hot, smooth sounds in Romance languages from all around the world.

In Part 1 we’ll look at up-and-coming talent in Spain, see French favourites Indochine team up with the Hanoi Symphony Orchestra to produce exciting oriental orchestral versions of a couple of classics, and see a ghostly Romanian “Bonnie Tyler soundalike” in a video clip beautifully filmed in what looks like a spooky magnificent but rundown mansion. Part 2 will come tomorrow (hopefully) and will focus on songs in Portuguese and Italian. Have a great weekend!


Dvicio are doing well in the Spanish charts with a song called Paraiso which, according to their brief biography in English on Wikipedia, gained fame when employees of McDonald’s in Spain performed a flashmob to it and it went viral on the internet. Might as well see what all the fuss was about…

However, I much prefer this one Justo Ahora, (Right Now). Ahora is now in Spanish and in Portuguese it’s agora.

If you want to listen to more of Dvicio, they were originally called Tiempo Límite.

There aren’t many Spanish language songs in Spain’s Top 20 as outlined by Enrique Iglesias is at No.1 with Bailando (Dancing), while on its way down at No. 20, having peaked at No.4, is No Amanece by David Bisbal.

Amanecer  as a noun means dawn or daybreak, and as verb it can mean: 1. to dawn or get light, and 2. to wake up.


Directia 5 are a well-established and very versatile band. Normally I prefer their rock repertoire, but this bluesy ballad got a lot of airplay when I was in Romania last year and grew on me. Two members usually share lead vocals, to good effect. This is called O fată ca ea (A girl like her).

This next song has a beautiful atmospheric film clip to it … ghostly Gothic complete with squawking crows, flickering candles and creaking floorboards. It’s by Delia (Matache is her surname), who studied piano and flute at the Conservatory of Music in Bucharest before going into the modern music business. While some of her stuff can be very contemporary dance/club beats, this is more of a ballad that sounds Bonnie Tyler-ish! The title comes from this line in the chorus: Sunt aici, doar pentru tine = I am here, just for you

By the way, in Romanian the opposite of aici (here) is acolo (there).


I can’t get enough of Indochine at the moment. I’ve already shown they can rock a full house at the Stade de France, but they are equally accomplished in an Opera House, in this case one in Hanoi, Vietnam. It’s not often you see western rock given an oriental orchestral twist, but this is superb.

Here is the same song – Tes yeux noirs (Your black eyes) – performed live at the Stade de France. The introductions at the beginning are for former band members who reunited for this performance. I don’t normally like saxophones much but here the sound is beautifully plaintive.

Finally, one more of Indochine, avec l’Orchestre Symphonique d’Hanoï.  This makes a scintillating finale…


2 thoughts on “Music for a Romantic weekend, Part 1

  1. the 1st Dvicio one reminds me a bit of Bruno Mars!!! Really like Directia 5 too & Indochine is also good in this song.

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