A sprinkling of Agua Bella, or Peruvian Beautiful Water

paper-37332_1280Hi. A quick story. Had a shitty day. Diahorrea at 4am and agonising stomach cramps at 6am. Half a roll of toilet paper vanished, just like that! Wanted to stay in bed but had to put in an 11-hour shift again because of magazine deadlines. Made a couple of mid-morning emergency dashes to the men’s room at work. The company loo paper is cheap and rough! Ate dry biscuits and diahorrea tablets. Desperately needed a mid-afternoon siesta but had to make do with the office instant coffee instead. Soldiered on late into the night. Hailed a taxi near the office. I got into the cab. The driver looked Indian or Polynesian (most of the taxi drivers in Sydney are foreigners), he was quite dark skinned.

silhouette-44073_1280We set off, he was playing a CD featuring female singers. It took me a while to tune into it, to bring it from background muzak to front of mind. What language is this? I wondered. It’s not very Indian. It’s not very Bollywood. Some of the words I recognised. Was it some Indo-Spanish dialect? A Portuguese-speaking troupe from Goa? It’s kind of Lambada-ish (remember the lambada?). Quite soothing, in a way, the sort of music you need in a taxi home after a long diahorrea day. I thought I should investigate. My Shazam app was summoned. Sorry, we couldn’t find a match, it said. Singing or humming won’t be identified! Farting will be frowned upon! Oh fuck off, I thought.

stripper-150166_1280I gave up on Shazam and turned to the driver. “What is this CD?”. It turns out it was Agua Bella from Peru and, yup, he was Peruvian. And even for my tired brain there was no possibility of forgetting the group was Agua Bella because they somehow manage to yell the words “Agua Bella” in at the beginning and endings of all their songs, it seems. Talk about self-promotion! Since I haven’t featured any Peruvian music on this blog at all, I thought I would put you through the Agua Bella experience too. Judging by the visual and sound quality of these clips, they must have been around when video was just invented. (The sound was much better in the car.) Agua Bella seem to be a group of three, four, five, six or sometimes seven leggy women who prance around in mini-skirts or corsets or swimwear and wiggle their bums a lot. Now there’s a novel idea!



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