The sultry chansons of Coeur de Pirate

Coeur de P Golden BayCoeur de Pirate’s cover of Mistral Gagnant on the tribute album La Bande à Renaud (now in its fourth week atop the French album charts) made me want to investigate her music a bit more. Coeur de Pirate (“Heart of a Pirate”) is the nom de plume of French-Canadian singer Béatrice Martin, who has had album and single chart success in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Germany as well as Canada. Some of her material is a little odd, but that could be said for many artists. Sometimes her songs remind me of a tinkling musical toybox with an outstretched ballerina going round and round on top of it. Perhaps its the way she tinkles the keyboards,or maybe they are childlike. See what you think…

First up is Place de la République, one of the most popular tracks from her album Blonde, released in 2011.

Also from that album is Golden Baby, which despite the title is mostly in French.

The next two, Comme des Infantes, and Ensemble are taken from her debut eponymous album, released in 2008.

Ensemble is a song I think my parents would like!

This collaboration with Julian Doré was a No.1 in France in 2009, but it has a very deliberate 1960s feel.

C de P's TraumaThis year Coeur de Pirate released an album of cover songs in English, as part of the series of soundtracks to the Canadian TV series Trauma, a medical drama set in a hospital in Montreal. The album includes Lucille (last made famous by Kenny Rogers) and Summer Wine, which was also covered recently by Lana del Rey.

Incidentally, Coeur de Pirate’s Mistral Gagnant is still in the top 30 singles in France, but Renaud’s original has dropped down 33 places to No.153.


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