Portugal’s World Cup woe – a five-language selection of headlines on the ‘selecção’

The Portuguese national team (a selecção nacional) made headlines for all the wrong reasons in their opening World Cup soccer game. Here is a sample of newspaper and online headlines in My Five Romance languages. The best one, in my opinion, is by the Gazeta Sporturilor.

Portuguese language newspapers

From Publico

G4P0 Publico

G4P0 Publico2

From Diário de Notícias

G4P0 DN2


From Record

G4P0 Record

From A Bola

G4P0 a bOLA

Spanish language newspapers

From El Mundo

G4P0 El Mundo

From El País

G4P0 El Pais

From El Espectador (Colombia)

G4P0 El Esp

Italian newspapers

From La Repubblica

G4P0 la Repub

From La Gazzetta dello Sport

G4P0 La Gazzetta

French newspapers

From L’Equipe

G4P0 L'Equipe

 From Le Nouvel Observateur

G4p) LeNO1

G4P0 Le NO2

Romanian newspapers

A clever headline in the Gazeta Sporturilor

G4P0 Gazeta S

From Adevărul

G4P0 Adevarul


5 thoughts on “Portugal’s World Cup woe – a five-language selection of headlines on the ‘selecção’

    • German surnames have caused confusion on many publications that I have worked on. For example at times there would be different rulings about whether it was Gerhard Schröder or Schroder or Schroeder! When I grew up in the English-speaking parts of Africa, French was often the only other foreign language that was consistently offered to students, as it might have been the case in Australia too (now though it is more common to take up Asian languages in Australia). So journalists of my era were quite familiar with French accents and spellings, but I noticed when I wrote about Brazil or Portugal they would have no idea about Portuguese, for example. So what they did for one language (French) they would never do for another. There was also the argument, why put accents on “foreign” words in an English newspaper, especially if readers don’t know what they signify. So in the end they often just “Anglicised” the word. Next time I see Germany play I am going to look at how he spells his name on his shirt!

      • I see the problem… but there are dozens of official websites/sports pages listing the names of the players – surely, somewhere in the editorial department of a national newspapers, somebody could check 😉

        Anyway, he should be either Müller or, if for some reason the umlaut isn’t available on some prehistoric keyboard, then Mueller.

      • Yes, true. In the old days newspapers used to employ lots of sub-editors and fact checkers to make sure these sorts of mistakes didn’t happen. But then some bean counters in the finance departments decided sub-editors were unnecessary and too costly, and so it has become a dying trade. And as subs have been phased out, so the error rates go up, and papers lose their authority and credibility – but the bean counters don’t worry about the price of that.

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