Black M is not just sur la route to No. 1, he is Numéro Un!

A couple of weeks ago I was eavesdropping on the French music charts to see if there was anything exciting, and there was. I came across a song hovering outside the top 30 that was so catchy and infectious I have played it many times since. So I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised to read on the French music charts blog this week that it has since shot up to No. 1. The song is Sur ma route, by Black M, a French-Guinean singer. It’s great! It deserves to be an international smash hit and I only wish that radio stations in the “Anglo” world would be a bit more daring and play “foreign” material like this more often.

I will tell you more about Black M a.k.a Black Mesrimes in another post soon (click on his name and you can read the English Wikipedia entry) but in the meantime I think you should get to know this song. I picked a clip showing the lyrics to make it easier. In no time you will be singing, Sur ma route, oui, il y a eu du move, oui!…..

Roll the R in your F word

I like the way he says “foutre“, especially the rolled R at the end. My teacher at school was forever trying to get more rrrrr in my Rs. Since foutre is a rude word – its meaning is like the English F word in WTF! – it has to be enunciated with vigour and conviction.

Go to this page on the Rap Genius website, put your cursor over a line or two of the lyrics, click, and a pop-up to the right will tell you what that section bit is about. Yeah, yeah, it’s all in French but, you know … cut and paste + language translation tool = you get the drift.


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