Soothing songs for a sore head

dentistry-316945_640Having had my cheeks, gums and other bits of the mouth stabbed and jabbed by a dentist today, followed by session with a drill that felt a little bit too close to the bone, or the nerve, or whatever the vulnerable bits are underneath the tooth, the bits that hurt, all I want to do is lie back lazily in bed, listen to calming music, not think too deeply about anything (I’m good at that) and let the painkillers do their work.

So, this is my playlist.

1) First up is Voltaj’s song about the ultimate second of the ultimate day… how would you spend that moment?

2) Next up is Akcent’s latest release, about tears flowing (having lost in love).

3) The next song is really sweet, by a former contestant on a Romanian talent show, Valentin Dinu, accompanied here by someone called Anya. It’s a song about waiting for the day when someone special comes into your life and “repairs” you. Out of the songs here, I think this one most captures the poetic potential of the Romanian language.

4) Next, an old song by some old faces on the Romanian rock scene, Compact. It’s about a symbolic star in the sky, the light of someone precious that lingers even after that someone has gone. This was probably the song that got me intrigued by the Romanian language. Without knowing the words, I could feel the melancholy and understated sadness. But also I love the guitar riffs in this.

This next one from Vama Veche has the most gorgeous piano…

Finally, to complete the all-Romanian theme, some classical music from that country’s most famous composer, George Enescu. This is very dreamy, and in the clip you can see Romania’s most notable attractions, some of which I have been to, including the Town Hall building in Brasov (a lovely place) at 1:04 to 1:20, followed immediately by an aerial shot of the very impressive Bran Castle; Peles Castle (2:48 and again at 7:40), Sibiu (8:51); Timisoara (9:07 to 9:38) plus of course parts of Bucharest, many monasteries and fortified churches, and the mountain and rural scenery that perhaps Romania is most famous for.

I hope you found the music as appealing and soothing as I do. A bit of a change from all the pop pap of Eurovision. And on that last dreamy note from Enescu, good night.



7 thoughts on “Soothing songs for a sore head

    • Hi, thanks for your thoughts. Mercifully it did go away overnight (he said I might be in pain for 3 or 4 days). However, I still have rounds 2 and 3 to go so there may be more shocks in store. I hope you are well. Remember, sweet cakes can damage the teeth! 😀

      • …and don’t I know it! I had a dental event last year, nothing too serious, but I was in pain for weeks.

        Fingers crossed for your next two rounds.

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