Eurovision 2014: Romania goes for a miracle, Moldova goes wild

cezarjpgOne of the more bizarre acts at Eurovision last year was Romanian countertenor Cezar (right) doing an operatic Draculaesque turn with It’s My Life, which came 13th out of the 26 songs. This year Romania has opted for the duo of Paula Seling and Ovi (whose real name is Ovidiu Cernăuţeanu). The two have done well in this competition before, coming third with Playing With Fire in Norway in 2010, behind Turkey and the German winner, Lena. Let’s have a look back at their 2010 final performance.

Well, I don’t know if they can do any better this time round but I think their 2014 entry, Miracle, is a more appealing song. And Paula can certainly hit some high notes!

Of the 12 songs that made the final of the Romanian pre-selection contest, nine were sung in English and three were in Romanian. Of the latter, the one that did the best (coming seventh), was Despre Mine Si Ea (About Me and Her) by a well-established Romanian pop-rock band Bere Gratis (Free Beer). It gets the thumbs-up from me. It’s got some succulent keyboards in it, and the more I play it, the more I like it.

Moving over the border into Moldova, this time Cristina Scarlat, who came second in the pre-selection last year, finally gets her chance to represent her country. But how wild is her song, Wild Soul?

Again, most of Moldova’s hopeful pre-selection contestants sang in English. Here’s my pick of those who didn’t, Aurel Chirtoacă‘s Urme de Iubiri (Traces of love). It was never going to be a show-stealer but it’s a soothing illustration of the tenderness of the Romanian language.

Betting website has Romania at 34 to 1 and Moldova at 67 to 1 to win the 2014 Eurovision final in Copenhagen.


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