Eurovision 2014: Austria and France dare to be hairy

Conchita WurstEurovision wouldn’t be Eurovision without its controversies and political agendas, and this year Austria’s Colombian-born representative, bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst (aka Tom Neuwirth), has caused a stink in Russia and other countries because, well, you know, to them he or she is a scary hairy fairy who is apparently turning Eurovision into “a hotbed of sodomy”. Gosh, and I thought it was a singing contest! And, to add insult, his (or her) beard is much more manly than anything Vladimir Putin could grow. She or he can sing too! Here’s his or hers Eurovision 2014 entry, Rise Like A Phoenix.

The French, too, seem to be obsessed with facial hair. France’s entry is Moustache from TWIN TWIN. I like it, it’s fun, and they are a eccentric. I hope they camp it up on stage in Copenhagen and turn the event into a hotbed of something scandalous too. I used to look like the moustachioed man in the video clip, by the way.

I had to investigate TWIN TWIN to see if they are some gimmicky group brought together simply for this occasion, but no, they have been around for a couple of years (Here is brief Wikipedia entry on them.)  Below is a single taken from their debut album Vive la Vie (Live the Life) released just over a year ago.

Relive Bernardo’s best moments of Eurovision 2013 here!



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