Hot off the WordPress: MPB, holy moly and cupidity in a cone

Add a touch of Romance language romance to your weekend with this musical selection of Brazilian classics and the latest hits in France and Italy, cobbled together from recent interesting blog posts on my WordPress reader. Thanks, bloggers, keep them coming!

  • LIFESTLE – A Brazilian Brazil has unveiled 16 Brazilian Songs You Need to Know. As the author says, to understand Brazilian culture, you must at least be familiar with MPB or Música Popular Brasileira (Brazilian Popular Music). The list includes songs by some of the giants of MPB such as Chico Buarque, Elis Regina, Beth Carvalho, Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, Zé Ramalho, Marisa Monte, Legião Urbana and Djavan, plus others whose careers, for some reason or another (politics, death), were cut short. Have a Brazilian-themed weekend and play these silky, smooth sensual songs while you are chilling out at home.
  • French music charts keeps me up to date with what is happening on the music scene in that part of the world, and the lists are comprehensive – the top 200 singles and the top 250 albums of the week. I like to scroll through them, looking out for songs in French in particular, to discover new artists or well-established ones that have not been on my mental radar before (my mental radar has been known to be faulty and a few years behind.) Sometimes, depending on your musical taste, the more interesting artists can be found near the bottom of the charts than at the top. Dig deep and you will find some gems. Here is the title track to the number one album in France, Amen by Les Prêtres, France’s very successful equivalent of Ireland’s The Priests. The story of Les Prêtres can be found here and on their official website.

  • Peeking into Italy has been following What’s playing on Italian radios? (April 2014). Included on the 10 featured tracks are Dear Jack, Laura Pausini, Paolo Simoni (nice one!), Vasco Rossi, Giorgia and Ana Tatangelo. There are links to the lyrics too – great for anyone who wants to improve their Italian. Here is one from the list, Logico #1 by Cesare Cremonini. I have chosen it for the good music, the great scenery and its educational linguistic extras – a stream of Facebook dialogue (in Italian, of course) that will be helpful to you should you ever wish to track down that beautiful someone who caught your flirtatious eye on the bus. This clip has a commercial slant, though, being part of the Cornetto Cupidity Love Stories series, but don’t let that put you off. I’m pretty partial to Cornettos myself.

Enjoy your weekend 😀


An interesting statistic from the French singles chart: Pharrell Williams’ Happy has now broken the record for the most weeks at number one (21), beating Louis Bega’s Mambo N°5 (A Little Bit Of), which had held it for 20 weeks. But as the French music charts blogger notes, “you can notice the evolution in the sales figures between the two: Mambo N°5 (A Little Bit Of) sold over 1.5 million copies, Happy only sold 295,000″. What’s the story here, I wonder? Does it reflect the fact artists sell a lot less nowadays because pirated copies of a song are easily available? Is it that we have such easy access to music (internet radio stations, YouTube clips, etc) that we no longer feel compelled to buy songs? Or is music less important in people’s lives now because of all the mod cons and other distractions around?


2 thoughts on “Hot off the WordPress: MPB, holy moly and cupidity in a cone

    • Hi, I was listening to your playlist! Soon I think I will make a playlist of the best songs I have discovered in a year of blogging. Trying to keep up to date with the music in five different languages is a challenge. What current artists do you like in Brazil. Most of the ones I know and like – Marisa Monte, Ivete Sangalo, Kid Abelha, Detonautas Roque Club – have been around for a while. What do you recommend of the newer ones? Cheers

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