Have a passionate Pascua with these smooth songs in Spanish

Hi, here in no particular order is a selection of songs in Spanish that I must have liked, because I tagged them on my Shazam app. (There is a similar app called SoundHound, by the way. I haven’t tested them to see which identifies songs better.) If you are having a relaxing time this weekend, make this the soundtrack to your Easter! On this musical journey you will travel through Spain, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia and New York via the Dominican Republic. Feliz Pascua! (That’s Happy Easter in Spanish.)

1. marco antonio solís – donde estará mi primavera

Solís is a popular crooner from Mexico who is well known throughout Latin America. Hearts melt when he sings. Listen to this and find out why

2. Gustavo Cerati – Deja Vu

Cerati is a very talented Argentinian musician and songwriter. Unfortunately he suffered a stroke while performing in 2010 and, as far as I can ascertain, has been in a precarious medical state since. This upbeat pop-rock track shows why he is so greatly admired and badly missed … it’s full of interesting undercurrents and this makes it one of the best Spanish songs I’ve heard in a long time 

3. soda stereo – zoom

Cerati was originally a member of the band Soda Stereo, who came to prominence from the mid-1980s onwards. According to Wikipedia, “Soda Stereo were the first Latin rock group to achieve success throughout South and Central America. They helped popularize Rock en Español, Ibero-American Rock, and Latin Rock genres to a mainstream audience. The band established what would become the template for many other popular Spanish-speaking rock music groups.” This track reminds me a bit of “New York Groove” by Hello, one of my favourite songs from the Seventies!

4. Duncan Dhu – En Algun Lugar 

Duncan Dhu were another band that won acclaim from the 1980s, but from Spain (their name is taken from a character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Kidnapped). This is one of their biggest hits. 

5. Romeo Santos – Propuesta Indecente

Santos was born in the US but he is of Dominican descent, and his music style reflects this. This might be an “indecent proposal” but it’s very lush and delivered in an angelic voice.

6. aventura – por un segundo

Santos was the lead singer of Aventura, a New York band has recorded in both Spanish and English, specialising in an Afro-American type of music called bachata that originated in the Dominican Republic. See what you make of these two songs

7. aventura – el malo

Okay, enough old-fashioned soppy stuff! Time to put some kick into the music. Get up and shake your booty!

8. farruko feat daddy – hoy

Farruko is a Puerto Rican ‘reggaeton’ singer…

9. maximus wel feat j alvarez y maluma — se acaba el tiempo remix

There are a number of remixes of this song, some of them too frantic. This one gets it just right. The original is good too, you can listen to it here. The only biography I could find of Maximus Wel was this one in Spanish. He is Puerto Rican too.

10. Wolfine – amor de mentira/mia

Wolfine is a hip-hop singer from Medellín in Colombia who seems to be making a name for himself. I listened to three or four of his songs in order to pick the best one, but they all sound pretty much the same! Or rather, use the same thumping rhythm. Still, they could be fun to listen to when you are out and about and drunk maybe. Amor de Mentira seems to be his most popular track, but the video to Mia is more interesting and features a lovely looking wolf.

11. gotay el autentiko – nunca se quita

Gotay ‘El Autentiko’ is another New Yorker whose parents hailed from Puerto Rico. This is dreamy and lush

12. Systema Solar – Mi kolombia

This is a crazy, fascinating mish-mash of sounds but the ultimate result is hypnotic and mesmerising. If Rolf Harris had been born 40 years later in Colombia (but still had his wobble board) and got completely stoned with his DJ and percussionist friends, this is probably what one of their sing-songs would sound like! Systema Solar is “a collective of some of Colombia’s finest DJs, MCs, producers and percussionists”, according to this website. Good on them for daring to be different.





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