It’s Rom-karaoke night! You’ve got talent. Make some Smileys

“I want to sing, to dream, and to laugh.”

Who doesn’t? Well, here’s your chance to do all those three things. Bernardo is staging a special Romanian karaoke event, and it’s happening right here, right now. You – yes YOU – are going to sing along to the hot Romanian hit of the moment. OMG! I hear you shriek. No, don’t run away! Don’t flee elsewhere with your cursor. You don’t have to worry – the lead singer is here, you just have to do the backing vocals alongside him, okay? Most probably you – or your audience – will laugh 😀 and laugh 😀 at your efforts, then later you can dream about it (or have nightmares, depending on your sensitivities).

First you have to know the tune, which is Acasa by Smiley. As I predicted it would be, it is still currently one of the most played songs on Romanian radio, and many people have posted their cover versions of it on YouTube. I have selected a couple of good piano covers for you. It’s a great song to hum along to once you know the melody, so when you feel ready, hum along. No Romanian is required, yet – this is the easy bit.

First, Cosmin Mihalache, who was a competitor in Romania’s Got Talent television program, has a crack at the song.


Next up is another young Romanian musician, Andrei Nastase. By now your humming should be getting louder and more confident. I want your neighbours to think that you are being attacked by a swarm of bees.

So, now that you know the tune, it is time to think about the words. Next up is the original version with Smiley singing, and I have chosen a YouTube entry with the lyrics flashing on screen so that you can sing along with him. And, to help you understand what it is all about, I have pasted below a “screen grab” of one of three translations of the song from the website. You might need a magnifying glass to read the lyrics, sorry. (You can find the other two translations here.)

So give it a go now and the main thing is to have fun….

acasa lyrics

So, how did you go? In some parts the words come thick and fast, don’t they? I’m sure even Smiley found singing those bits quite a challenge. From a pronunciation point of view, can you spot the differences between aă and â, and between ş (with a squiggle underneath) and s? How about the t and ţ (with a squiggle) and the i and î? No? Go back and play it 57 times!

Take a bow. Give yourself a round of applause. Now I think you deserve to sit back (maybe pour yourself a stiff drink) and let our pianists entertain you for the rest of the night.

I have featured Andrei Nastase on this blog before, covering Antonia’s Jameia and Elena’s Ecou here, and Deepcentral’s beautiful O Stea there. Moving on to French, he has also done a version of Bella, by African-born French singer Maître Gims, about whom I wrote recently here.

Lastly, here is a clip of one of Cosmin Mihalache’s performances on Romania’s Got Talent. There are 45 seconds of introductory waffle from various sources, then he lets rip on a very floral piano. 


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