90 minutes of mellifluence

PaulaFI’ve been studying more of Paula Fernandes (purely for linguistic research purposes, you’ll understand) to see if there are any other songs of hers I like. I came across footage of a live show with good quality sound. In the first song, it looks like she is performing via a video link-up into a Taylor Swift concert. Thereafter it switches to a live Paula Fernandes gig, and later some other well-known Brazilian singer joins in for a couple of duets, but not well known enough to me to be able to identify him. I think Paula and Taylor’s voices complement each other well, but I prefer Paula’s more mellifluous, deeper tones to Taylor’s higher, more screechy ones.

(Incidentally, in checking the spelling of ‘mellifluous‘, which I thought might be related to ‘melody‘,  I have discovered one of its listed dictionary meanings is ‘flowing with sweetness and honey‘; from the Latin word for ‘honey‘; of course, the penny has dropped: the Portuguese word for honey is ‘mel‘.)

Anyway, this concert from Paula makes for pleasant listening; just the sort of soothing thing you need in the background on a Sunday morning when you are studying Portuguese irregular verbs or even the Romanian regular ones. Her Portuguese is relatively easy to understand in that in many instances you can hear the lyrics (‘letras‘, in Portuguese); whereas some performers sing so fast and meld the words together into one soyoureallydon’thavethetimetodigestwhat’sgoingon 🙂

Here’s the concert: some of the songs at the end are really good too.

By the way, ‘melody‘ comes from ancient Greek and ‘meld‘ from German.


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