French chansons from the fairer sex

Recently Bernardo has highlighted songs in French by men of the moment such as Stromae and Maître Gims, now it is time to give les femmes a go. Here are two of the hottest up-and-coming female singers in France. Bien sûr, Le Bernardo has his fingers on Le pulse Français!

First up is Indila‘s Dernière Danse (Last Dance). Bernardo is sure it is not the last we will hear of her.

Joyce Jonathan‘s debut album in 2010 was a huge success in France. She released a follow-up last year, and the single from it, Ça Ira, is still lingering in the lower regions of the French charts. The title means “it will be fine” or “it will be OK”. The present tense equivalent is Ça va.

One of her songs, L’heure avait sonné, apparently featured in an American TV series called Gossip Girl. The title translated literally means “the hour had sounded” but in English we would probably say something like “the clock struck”. Anyway, let’s see what it’s all about.

You can find a translation of the lyrics to the latter song here.


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