Be merry and all that

Christmas lights dangling from a tree in a house in my neighbourhood. Photo: Bernard O'Shea

A neigbour’s Christmas decorations in his garden. Go to “I See a Star” near the bottom of the post. Photo: Bernardo

So, it is almost Christmas. This year, I’m feeling good about it. I hate the commercialisation of Christmas and the crowds in the shopping malls (mauls?) but somehow I have managed to avoid the shops and television and radio adverts for most of the past two months. As a consequence I have only heard Jingle Bells about four times over public address systems, whereas normally by now I would have been subjected to it at least 400 times. And just one Silent Night! So far in 2013 I have not heard one Away in a Manger. Really, I have been blessed. When you live in the southern hemisphere, as I have done for most of my life, the snowy theme of Christmas seems absurd. Nobody dashes through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh here! I was going to do a southern hemisphere parody of that song here, but when looking up the lyrics I found that people have already done that on YouTube. Here’s one:

Anyway, here is my rather amateurish attempt to get into the Romantic Christmas and New Year spirit using a sort of holly and ivy colour theme with some nondescript light blue thrown in and a mish-mash of ugly fonts.

Better happy 5

For some reason, when I took that picture of the coloured stars dangling in a tree near my home, the lyrics of an old song came back to me …”I see a star, a brand new star…” I had forgotten the rest. I looked the song up and discovered I See a Star was a 1974 Eurovision Contest entry for the Netherlands by Mouth and MacNeal (they came third, the winner being ABBA’s Waterloo). It’s not very Christmas related (some reports say the song is about what you might see when you smoke dope…”the beauty that we’re inhaling every day”), but it is a very cheesy 1970s ‘put you in a good mood’ singalong number about happiness and seeing beauty in others , so what the heck, let’s give it a spin.

Mouth and MacNeal’s biggest hit (it made the top 10 in the US and many other countries) was this one, How Do You Do? Since that’s a genial thing to say to people over Christmas and New Year, and everyone likes “na-na, na-na” (nudge nudge wink wink) here it is too.

The 70s were so funny when it came to fashion and music. 🙂

Have a good one


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