My Top 5: Italian Female Singers (2nd Edition)

I always like to hear what other musical recommendations other people have, so when I am in the mood for Italian. the Calabrisella Mia blog written by “Lulu” is a good source of inspiration. Here are Lulu’s latest top 5 female favourites, but I recommend you go to her blog at to find out more about Italian singers, actors, films, the language and life in Italy. (She is more hip than I am). Enjoy.

Calabrisella Mia

So, here it is finally.  The 2nd edition to My Top 5:  Italian Female Singers.  My musical preferences change very often and I’m sure there will be more revisions to this top 5 list but for now, here are the Italian female singers I have in constant rotation in iTunes.

The disclaimer is always the same – these are my own personal favourites and I don’t expect everyone to agree with my choices.  In fact, I’d love it if you’d comment with your Top 5 Italian Female Singers.

I hope you enjoy it and maybe discover some new music!

1.  Alessandra Amoroso

Alessandra Amoroso always had a passion for singing.  Since she was very young, she participated in local competitions.  When she was 17 years old, she auditioned for the popular talent show “Amici“, however didn’t make it.  This didn’t hinder her.  In 2008, she auditioned for…

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