Drag out your inner îndrăgostit

Voltaj concert at Disco Ring

Voltaj in concert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the post D is for devious virgins, which I am sure many people latched on to in the hope of delving into deviousness themselves, haha, I mentioned that dragoste was the Romanian word for love. A related word, one which you will often come across in music, is îndrăgostit (îndrăgostită in the feminine form), which is an adjective meaning “in love with”. The verb is a se îndrăgosti (de cineva), “to fall in love (with someone)”. A related adjective is îndrăgit or îndrăgită in the feminine, meaning “loved, beloved”. This weekend, if you follow my instructions, you are going to use the language of love and have a nice meal to boot. Language can’t be all theoretical, it has to be put into practice.

Here are some musical examples of this word from songs that I quite like.

Flower photo

Flowers can get very perky when their mistresses have big boobs.  (Photot: @Doug88888)

The first is a recent hit, Pic Pic, by Voltaj. I find this song a little bit annoying in the verses but very catchy in the chorus, which I hum to myself quite often. I might even dance to it if no one is looking. There is a melodic la la la la-la bit near the end too. In other words, don’t judge this song by the first few (dozen) bars, let it grow on you. The chorus is simple: Sunt un pic pic, îndrăgostit  (repeated four times). Sing along with it and after playing it once or twice you will at least have thoroughly mastered four words in Romanian – un pic means “a little, a pinch, or slightly”, and sunt is “I am”. The video clip is clever in parts and has an amusing, unexpected ending. In the beginning, though, it just looks like another band is using a buxom woman to parade around in low-cut clothing to help sell the song, but if big boobs are your thing you will enjoy this part of the video too. Another verb meaning “to love” in Romanian is a iubi…in the videoclip you will see “iubi” appearing on the model’s computer and phone, which is why the pot plant gets jealous.

Moving along to the second example, a popular song from a very boyish former winner of the Romanian version of the X Factor talent contest, Andrei Leonte. I think he has a great voice. The word appears in the first line of the song: Nu pot să cred că sunt îndrăgostit (“I can’t believe I’m in love”). I have pasted two versions, the first was the original pop/dance release (nice tune, silly video though, see my comments at bottom) and the second is an acoustic version for more mature audiences haha. The song title is Te iubesc căt doi, which means something like “I love you as much as two”.

Now for the more acoustic version, which shows that he can sing really well “live” … and also that this song when pared back is so much more than just a pop ditty. The second half of this clip includes an interview with Andre in Romanian.


  1. Line up a hot date and organise a romantic, candlelit dinner.
  2. During the main course whisper Sunt  îndrăgostit (if you are a woman use the feminine form îndrăgostită). Better not say un pic îndrăgostit because that could be deemed insulting (“What do you mean – you’re just a little bit in love?” Slap!). 
  3. During dessert lick some cream off your spoon then murmur Te iubesc in your most seductive purr. This should sends shivers down your loved one’s spine. If not, it means you are not licking your spoon correctly.

Back to the real world: An English version of the Andre Leonte song was also released. The video to it is the same as the Romanian version, except instead of prancing around in the fields and miming in the latter, he mimes in the former. The video looks like it was shot at one of the more secluded spots on the Black Sea. I don’t think much of Andrei’s bush tucker scavenging skills: if I was camping with him and all he could come up with for breakfast was a few berries and leaves and a slab of honey that looks suspiciously like it had been carved from a packet, I would send him away, saying “I don’t do herbal teas, go hunt the eggs and bacon and sausages please”.

For what it’s worth, here is the English version, Love Another Day.

Finally, forgive me for harping on a bit about Romanian at the expense of the other languages. I guess I am just trying to consolidate what I learned on my summer language course there, or am trying to cling on to it before I forget it all completely. It’s scary how quickly you lose a language all once you are out of its natural environment. I will try to add a bit more linguistic variety in the coming weeks. Till then, cheers


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