Tracks from the travelling Eros Ramazzotti

Cover of "Calma Apparente"

Cover of Calma Apparente

Top Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti arrives in Australia this week on his world tour to promote the CD Noi, released late last year. He will be appearing in Melbourne on November 15, Sydney (November 20) and Perth (November 23). His Brisbane show scheduled for November 17 was cancelled “for technical reasons”.

Eros is a big name on the European continent. In Italy, of course, he is a national hero: of the 10 albums (excluding compilations) he has released since 1986, nine went to No. 1 on the charts in his native land, and the other only managed to get to No. 2. But his albums also chart consistently in the likes of Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium, Austria, Spain (he does Spanish versions), Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden and also in France and sometimes Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. One of his compilations, e2, even managed to make No. 38 on the Australian albums charts.

To be honest, I am not a great fan; his music is often good and tuneful, and very well produced, but I find his whinny, nasal twang of a voice a bit offputing at times. Not that he needs the approval of a nobody like me, he has won more international acclaim than I could ever dream of.

Here, though, is one song of his that I really do like: it’s a lovely ballad from the album Stilelibero (Freestyle), released in late 2000 (this was the album which, according to Wikipedia, only got to No. 2 in Italy – I wonder which album stopped it getting to number one). This is Per Me Per Sempre (For Me, Forever).

Another one I like – it’s more upbeat, got lots of guitars – is La Nostra Vita, (Our Lives), the single from the album Calma Apparente, released in 2005.

So, how does Noi rate? It’s not bad. You can listen to the whole thing here, (all the tracks are listed, and you can jump ahead to them by clicking on the starting time for each track). I like number four best, Io Sono Te (even though there is an annoying spoken part in it). I have also embedded the album below, but you can’t jump from one song to the start of the next on it.


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