LS Jack and the dangers of liposuction

LS Jack are a Brazilian pop/rock band who rose to prominence in 2001, when Carla, the first single from their third album V.I.B.E, went to number one on the Brazilian charts. It still sounds good today, check it out.

The follow-up single, Uma Carta, also went to number one, and two years later they were back on top again with the singles Sem Radar and Amanhã Não Se Sabe from their fourth album, Tudo Outra Vez. On the strength of all this, and without thinking about it too much, when I was in Brazil in 2005 I bought their fifth album, Jardim de Cores, primarily, I  suppose, because I liked the title (Garden of Colours). I figured the music would be okay. They had another top 10 hit with this track, Meu Sossego (My Calm) from that album.

However, my favourite LS Jack song, the one that made me so glad I bought that album, is not one of their singles; it is this one, Phoenix.

However, after this LS Jack ran into problems. The lead singer, Marcus Menna, apparently, suffered a bad allergic reaction to a drug while recuperating from liposuction, and was in a coma for a while, and since then he has suffered from poor health. LS Jack never released another album after Jardim de Cores, apart from a greatest hits compilation. However, apparently the band members did get together again recently and so we may not have heard the last of them yet.

Here are the lyrics to Phoenix. If you paste them in a translator, you will get the gist.

Quanto mais eu briguei
Mais enganos no caminho eu deixei
Tão cego na minha ambição
O que eu tinha de melhor escapou das minhas mãos
Me deixou, me faltou, me escapou, escapou

Tanto faz
se eu ganhei
Na batalha a minha paz se desfez

A dor só me faz enxergar
Nada pode ser maior
Doque eu tenho pra te dar
Meu amor, seu amor, nosso amor, o amor
Me deixou, me faltou, me escapou

Por mil anos esperando
A minha alma te encontrar
Na certeza que um dia
Tudo volta pro lugar
Cada estória uma sentença
E eu que faço a minha lei
Quero toda a sua essência
E isso é tudo que eu sei


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