Three of the best from Pólo Norte

Aprender_a_Ser_FelizFor the past three weeks, while doing the CELTA course on teaching English as a second language, I have been so absorbed in English that I have almost forgotten what my five Romance languages sound like. I haven’t listened to any of my Romance language CDs, I have half moved into a new apartment and all my Romance language books and CDs are still at the old place, and recently I haven’t heard any tourists around Sydney speaking Spanish, French or Italian or Portuguese (I’ve never heard anyone in Sydney speaking Romanian). Anyway, another working week is over, it’s a Friday night and I feel like listening to some of my old favourites in languages other than English. So you can join in if you want.

First up is a group that first came to my attention on a compilation CD that I bought in Portugal. The group is called Pólo Norte (North Pole) and the song that lured me to them is this one, A Dança. You have to wait two minutes to hear the chorus, but it’s worth waiting for!  

The band released their debut album in 1995, and followed up with another one a year later. Here is some ancient looking footage of them performing the title track to their second album, Aprender a ser feliz (Learning to be happy). The sound quality on this clip is not the best, but at least you will get some idea of who they are. 

Finally a track from their album 15 anos (15 years), which I think was a ‘best of’, released in 2008.


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