Useful expressions in Romanian, like oral sex tomorrow, perhaps

View of Sibiu

A view of Sibiu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am currently in Sibiu, a picturesque city in Transylvania, doing a two-week language course and really enjoying it. Because the pupils come from all parts of the world, our teacher and text books explain the finer points of Romanian (and believe me, it needs a lot of explaining) in both English and French, and there are Italian and Spanish people in the class as well, so four of my five Romances languages are getting a good airing. I am trying to chip in with a bit of Portuguese too.

I am supposed to be doing homework daily, but of course one has to explore the city as well in the cool of the evening and then one has to eat … I have just had a “Transylvanian Pork Feast” washed down with a glass of nice Romanian red wine, countered by a “cafea” – coffee – and it has just gone midnight, so I don’t know how much I can do before my attention wanes. We will see. I will jot down some of the things I have found most useful since my arrival in this country on Saturday.

Romanian has some accents that are difficult to locate on a non-Romanian computer, namely s and t with commas underneath them – ş ţ – to give a hissing sound – and little hats sometimes on a and i –  ă â î  – giving them more of an “uh” sound, a bit like a groan which you might utter if you are punched in the stomach. However, often Romanian themselves don’t use these accents (more out of laziness in informal contexts, such as when sending an SMS or an email) and some text books, I note, use an ă where others use an â, so expect a lot of confusion and frustration with these.

I have already covered the verbs to be and to have (a fi şi a avea) here in the post “Being Romanian gets the knees up…” and have given some of the common greetings here in the post “Limber up for the limbă română”, where I seem to have got my accents wrong. Or, more accurately, the text book that I had in front of me then had different accents than the ones I have in front of me now.

Here, in no particular order, are some other useful sayings:

  • Habar n-am = I haven’t a clue/I have no idea. Great for when people ask you for directions, or when your Romanian teacher asks you something.
  • (Eu) aş vrea o bere I would like a beer.
  • Aş vrea încă o bereI would like another beer.
  • Ceai cu laptetea with milk.
  • Scuzaţi-mă / iertaţi-mă, nu vorbesc românăExcuse me / pardon me, I don’t speak Romanian.
  • Vorbesc engleză, vorbiţi engleză? I speak English, do you speak English?
  • O zi bună / o seară bunăHave a nice day / have a good evening.
  • Nu face nimic / nu-i mimic / pentru nimicThat’s OK, it’s nothing, no problem, etc etc.
  • Bine v-am găsit!Nice to see you again. (Literally, so good I found you).

Lastly, something you should be aware of. Mâine means tomorrow, but the combination of vowels makes it very difficult to pronounce (there is no exact equivalent in English, it’s a bit like “muh-weeny”), and Romanians often laugh when they hear a foreigner say it, because foreigners (străini) often mispronounce it as muie, which means oral sex. Once you are told this, you become so nervous and self-conscious about getting the former right, you try too hard to say it correctly, that it inevitably comes out wrong. All I can suggest is if you are talking about tomorrow, do it discreetly in hushed tones.

Pe mâine – see you tomorrow!


8 thoughts on “Useful expressions in Romanian, like oral sex tomorrow, perhaps

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  2. Hi, Bernard.
    First of all, congratulations on learning so many languages, especially Romanian! Sometimes it can be challenging for us natives, too, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be at times for foreigners.
    I am from Sibiu myself (currently living in Japan) and I happened to be back home in the same time as you. Didn’t see you around though 🙂
    You have a very interesting blog here, really funny and informative. Keep it up!

    • Hi thank you very much for your comments, and I enjoy your blog too. Sibiu is a nice place, I enjoyed my time there but it was alas too short. Maybe one day our paths will cross there again? In which case we should at least have a drink or meal in piata mare ori piata mici. All the best. Cheers

      • We definitely should! (And talk about the languages of the world – I too, am struggling with an interesting one right now.)

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