Eastern flair

The young pianist Andrei Nastase, whom I discovered recently by chance on YouTube, seems especially talented. What’s more, there isn’t a speck of dust on his piano or any mess in his room! Everything is so impeccable. I am guessing he is Romanian or of Romanian origin since in his surprisingly varied repertoire (he covers the likes of Linkin Park, Psy, Pink, Katie Perry, Rhianna) he also does many popular Romanian songs. And the name Nastase is forever linked to Romania thanks to Ilie Nastase, one of the greatest male tennis players.

For those who lean to classical music and for those who like current pop with Eastern European flavours, here are Andrei’s arrangements of two recent hits by hot Romanian singers, and for comparison, the originals.

jameia by andrei nastase

jameia by antonia

ecou by andrei nastase

ecou by elena feat. Glance

I  hope you enjoyed all four.


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