Anyone fancy a triple Mia Martini?

Here is a little more on the late Italian singer Mia Martini to follow up the post “Hymn, him and her: a bilingual nostalgia trip”. One of her biggest hits was the song Minuetto, from 1973, which she recorded in more than one Romance language. Let’s first check out the original in Italian:

Now let’s savour the Spanish version:

And, voilà, here is the French version…

So, what’s your pick of the above?

There is an excellent documentary titled Storia di una voce (The story of a voice) on Mia and her rather tragic life from Italian broadcaster RAI (via YouTube), which I have posted below.

Even if you don’t know much or any Italian you can understand bits of it. It will also introduce you to more of her songs … and the more I hear of her, the more I like. Her vocal prowess is evident on her 1989 Sanremo Music Festival entry, Almeno Tu Nell’Universo, (You are the universe), for example.

One of the blogs I like and follow is Peeking Into Italy. As the name suggests, it gives some insight into Italian culture, and if you want to discover more Italian music you should read the posts there on great Italian singers. There are also travel tips and language lessons. Its author, alekim25 (aka Michela), is a native speaker of Italian who kindly offered to help with the translation of the lyrics of Inno, which I published in my previous post. So here is the new translation (Grazie, Michela). At the bottom of the lyrics I have pasted a funky, more upbeat live version of the song.


Cantero se vuoi – ma non credermi – I’ll sing, if you want, but don’t believe me
Stelle nelle tasche piu non ho – I don’t have any more stars in my pockets
E tu – non sai – volare piu – piu – piu in alto – And you can’t fly higher 

Nel viso della sera che nasce – On the face of the night that is born,
Sulla spiaggia coi falo – On the beach with the bonfires

Cantero – per noi – che non siamo piu – I will sing for us, that we are no more
Piu forti – di quel po – di gioventu – stronger of that little youth
Che sta – bruciando dentro e poi – finira – that is burning inside and then will end
Nel viso della sera che nasce –  In the face of the night that is born,
Sulla spiaggia coi falo – On the beach with the bonfires
Dimmi che vuoi – che puoi – darmi felicita -Tell me what you want – that you can – give me happiness
E sotto – la mia pelle nascera – And under my skin will be born
Per te un dolce fiume che – cantera – a sweet river for you that will sing
La mia speranza desser donna – of my hopes of being woman,
E la tua bocca poi lo berra – And then your mouth will drink it
Dimmi che il posto mio non sto per perderlo – Tell me that I am not going to lose my place
Dentro la mia fiaccola tu sei – You are inside my torch
Ma se – non sai bruciare piu – resta ancora – but if you can’t burn anymore, stay longer
Insieme canteremo e legna – We will sing together and we will 
Porteremo al nostro falo – bring wood to our bonfire

Dimmi che vuoi – che puoi – darmi felicita – Tell me that you want – that you can – give me happiness
Apri le tue braccia e se ne andra – Open your arms and it will go (away)
La mia tristezza finalmente sara un esplosione – My sadness will finally be an explosion
Di stelle cadenti sopra i fuochi gia spenti dei falo – of shooting stars over the already extinguished bonfires
Sole no! Non puoi – piu mandarci via – No sun! You can’t turn us away anymore
Rosso stai salendo sempre piu – You (sun) are rising red more and more
Lui sta dormendo il mare sa – quanto amore – He is sleeping, the sea only knows how much love
Mi ha dato e mi dara rubando il viso di una sera – he gave me and will give me, stealing the face of a evening.


3 thoughts on “Anyone fancy a triple Mia Martini?

    • Hi, a pleasure. I look forward to “Peeking into Italy” a bit more. Luckily here in Australia we have a large Italian community, an Italian film festival etc etc. Next year I will probably do a course in Italian, there are many courses available here too (unlike some other languages). Good luck with your blog and if you notice any mistakes with my Italian please correct it! Ciao

      • Ciao!
        Thank you again, I didn’t know that Italian culture was so popular there!
        I’m going to publish new posts soon 😉
        Good luck with your blog too, I’ll let you know if I find any mistakes with your Italian and please do the same for me if you notice too bad mistakes with my English!!! Grazie!

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