Luxury – light asymmetries of summer / lusso – asimmetrie sottili d’estate / Fast – asimetrii subţirii de vară

Valeriu DG Barbu is a Romanian writer who lives in Italy. In his blog, which has a huge following, he often posts his poetry in trilingual text – English, Italian and Romanian. But he also has translation buttons that you can click on for Spanish, German and French. So anyone who wants to learn more of these languages and see the translations side by side should really follow his blog.

valeriu dg barbu

Trilingual text


I woke up at day break, night still in my head
the day, between my legs
the moments don’t fit me
for how big I’d like to seem

I woke up with a live scream
the scream of a premature birth
a dark mirror strips the
happiness from my voice

I am running naked inside of myself
like a free goat kid grazing on lime
I am searching, searching for something else
but the goat’s dry tit and again

I woke up in a different century
dropped like a worthless weight
and nothing drives me crazy
like the world living without luxury


mi sono svegliato con la notte in testa
e il giorno tra le gambe
momenti non mi si adattano
per quanto grande vorrei sembrare

mi sono svegliato ad ululare in diretta
parto prematuro
e il tono giocoso
mi abbandonai nello specchio grigio

corro nudo attraverso me…

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