Beautiful Romania : Stavropoleos Monastery, Bucharest.

This beautiful church gets a one-paragraph mention in both the Lonely Planet (page 37) and Rough Guide (p73) guides on Romania. I guess this reblogged post shows that a picture really can be worth 1000 words but as a professional writer I have to dispute that. I think one of my words is worth 1000 pictures haha.

Simple & Interesting

stavropoleos-church-bucharestStavropoleos Monastery  also known as Stavropoleos Church during the last century when the monastery was dissolved, is an Eastern Orthodox monastery for nuns in central Bucharest, Romania. Its church is built in Brâncovenesc style. The patrons of the church (the saints to whom the church is dedicated) are St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The name Stavropoleos is a Romanian rendition of a Greek word, Stauropolis, meaning “The city of the Cross“. One of the monastery’s constant interests is Byzantine music, expressed through its choir and the largest collection of Byzantine music books in Romania.The church was built in 1724, during the reign of Nicolae Mavrocordat (Prince of Wallachia, 1719-1730), by archimandrite Ioanichie Stratonikeas. Within the precinct of his inn, Ioanichie built the church, and a monastery which was economically sustained with the incomes from the inn (a relatively common situation in those times). In 1726 abbot Ioanichie…

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