Walking Tour of Revival-Era Plovdiv

The blog Blazing Bulgaria (great title) has a great deal of information on that country, making “Eastern Europe’s Hidden Tourist Gem” a little less hidden. Just click on the “Sights” page or the “Tourism” tag and you will find some exotic places. There is a section on the language and alphabet too, but it is not a Romance one, otherwise I would give it more attention. That alphabet scares me! In the post above you can follow a great walking tour of Plovdiv.

Blazing Bulgaria

Plovdiv, along with being the site of numerous monuments from its Roman-era past as provincial capital, was also a thriving medieval fortress and an important regional city during the Ottoman rule in Bulgaria and the period of National Revival.

Three of Plovdiv’s six hills are home to an extremely well-preserved Revival-era old town. Housing the city’s art gallery, numerous museums and Revival-era homes preserved and opened to visitors, the Old Town is a must-see during a visit to Plovdiv. Many of the houses on the tour have courtyards walled in by high brick fences, and all feature smaller-area foundations and second and third floors that jut out into the street.

This walking tour will be described as a loop, with one easy entry point from Djumaya mosque square. Keep in mind that, although it’s not clear on the map, this walk involves a few hours of walking up and…

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