Eurovision, the wash-up 1: it’s disdain for Spain

Emmelie de Forest and her drummers, including flautist Jacob (on the right)

Emmelie de Forest and her Danish drummers, including Jacob (on the right), who is a dab hand with the flute as well.

Congratulations to Emmelie de Forest of Denmark for winning the Eurovision song contest with Only Teardrops, one of the few songs I can still remember the morning after. I am thinking of changing my name to Bernardo de Jungle just to cash in on the moment and be trendy. So, it’s off to Copenhagen, presumably, for the next one, unless another Danish city such as Odense, Aarhus or Aalborg wins the right to host the competition. For some reason the song Only Teardrops sounded very Irish to me (some compensation, perhaps, for Ireland, which came last?), mainly because of the flute intro and melody. The flautist and drummers deserve some of the credit for the win: I like a dramatic thrash on the drums! Here, the flautist (or flutist in American English), Jacob, gives a run-down on how to play that melody …

Español: El Sueño de Morfeo en un concierto en...

El Sueño de Morfeo en un concierto en Castelldefels (Barcelona), agosto de 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Spanish entry, Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End), by El Sueño De Morfeo (in English, Morpheus’ Dream), came second last, getting only 6 points from Albania and 2 points from Italy. (In contrast, Spain gave Italy its top vote of 12 points). A pity, because it is not a bad song and has rousing parts to it, though I doubt it will stay with me to my end, whenever that may be.

The Eurovision website posts the lyrics of all the entries and their French and English equivalents if need be. So let’s try to learn some language from the Spanish song. Listen to the live version during the final in Malmo here…

Here are the lyrics side by side, Spanish first, of course, then French and then English. Because of the sentence construction and each language’s peculiarities, etc, the lines and meanings don’t always match up exactly. It is best probably to look at them in a wider context – verse by verse – rather than each line. (I am not the one who translated them.)

Un cielo azul – Le ciel bleu – A blue sky
gana paso a la tormentaA pris de l’avance sur l’orage – sweeps away the storm
que amenazó mi corazón – Qui a menacé mon cœur – That darkened my heart

Y llegas tú, con todo lo que significas tú – Et voilà que tu arrives, avec tout ce que tu signifies – And then you come, with everything you are
descubriéndome quién soy pour découvrir qui je suis – discovering me as I am

Eres esa luz – Tu es cette lumière – You are that light
que a través del universo – Qui m’invites à voyager – That crosses the universe
tú me invitas a viajar – À travers l’univers – You urge me to fly
Contigo hasta el final – J’irai avec toi jusqu’au bout – With you till the end

La ilusión de una vida por delante – Une vie qui est devant nous – All the hope of life before us
que comienza justo hoy – Commence aujourd’hui précisément et nous remplit d’espoir – A life beginning right now

Vámonos sin temor – Partons, sans crainte – Let us go without fear
gritemos que al final triunfó el amor – Crions haut et fort qu’en fin de compte, c’est l’amour qui a triomphé – Let us proclaim that love’s won over all
que ahora somos tú y yo – Que maintenant nous sommes toi et moi – That now it’s me and you.

Eres esa luz – Tu es cette lumière – You are that light
que a través del universo – Qui m’invites à voyager – That crosses the universe
tú me invitas a viajar – À travers l’univers – You urge me to fly
Contigo hasta el final – J’irai avec toi jusqu’au bout – With you till the end


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