Why You Should Learn… Portuguese

Above I am reblogging The Well-Travelled Postcard‘s item on why you should learn Portuguese. It perfectly captures the dilemma that any student of the language faces – whether to go with the European accent or the Brazilian one. It’s a pleasant dilemma really. And yes, as the post notes, Brazil is “hot stuff”, and Lisbon really is a great city. When I first read this post, it certainly made me feel proud, if not a little conceited, about the fact that I have made the effort with this language, and I am grateful for the fact that I have had the privilege of going to both Portugal and Brazil (twice in both cases, and hopefully again soon). The people are very warm and I have made good friends in both countries. I hope other readers feel similarly inspired. Be sure to check out The Well-Travelled Postcard’s items on azulejos, fado, the life of an intern in Lisbon and other Portuguese-related posts.

The Well-Travelled Postcard

Statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro           Following on from my post last week about learning Arabic, here’s the sixth post in my series on the top 10 most spoken languages in the world.

No. 7: Portuguese

178 million native speakers, 193 million total speakers. Official language of Brazil, Portugal, Macau and 7 other countries in Africa, including Mozambique and Cape Verde.

Why Portuguese?

          I studied Portuguese for two years at university in Exeter and have taken up weekly classes again with a lovely Brazilian woman at work, Adriana. Already speaking Spanish and Italian does majorly help me, so despite the fact that I only took it up in 2009, I can hold a decent conversation in Portuguese, although I’m rapidly discovering that the languages spoken in Portugal and Brazil are vastly different! For a start, several letters are pronounced differently, then there are the grammatical differences, & last of all the vocabulary differs…

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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Learn… Portuguese

  1. I live near Exeter & I also have a Brazilian friend, Solange – sadly though i cannot speak Portuguese. I am picking up a few words & who knows i might just e able to converse one day …. xx

    • a few words … algumas palavras…. each day …. cada dia … e voce vai conseguir …. and you will succeed….. boa sorte, good luck….. beijos e abracos …. hugs and kisses…

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