Perversions on a platter


Here’s a big question for you ….                     (Photo credit: Jan Tik)

I had to have a laugh with something to do with the blog today. Bloggers on WordPress get information about their audience … how many hits they have had and from what countries. They also get told how people arrived at their site, whether it was via a direct link from other blogs or websites or whether it was a random search on the likes of Google. I would stress that you don’t get any personal information about viewers, all you know is that someone on a computer somewhere in (for example) Tunisia or Croatia had a look at your blog. It does, however, give you the wording of the random search queries that led to one of your postings. One such query today, which I presume went to my “horse meat”  item was: “is eating certain foods a perversion like eating kangaroos testicles“. This is obviously someone on the horns of a dilemma! It made me think of this old joke. Question: what is the difference between a fat bloke and a virgin? Answer: one’s trying to diet and the other’s dying to try it. So, do we have a potential pervert here? I don’t want to get involved. I’ll leave it to you to mull over that.


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